Notes-from-the-roadHello from the road, Doug Gober here. I began my career in Funeral Service thirty-four years ago as a sales representative in the casket industry. Throughout my career I’ve been involved with and have seen many industry-changing innovations. I joined the team at Live Oak Bank in 2011, and currently serve as the liaison for Funeral Service.

Live Oak Bank is the number one lender to businesses in Funeral Service. Our client service model and knowledge has led us to that designation. Our business model is much like that of funeral service, in that we believe that a face-to-face encounter with our customers is invaluable. Part of what we do includes onsite meetings with each client we lend to. Part of my responsibility is to travel the country, meet our borrowers in person, form relationships and learn about their business needs. The purpose of this forum, “Notes from the Road”, is to regularly share insights on industry trends I see during my day to day travels and highlight the success stories that directors are sharing with me about their businesses.

Live Oak Bank’s offices are based in North Carolina, but I live and work in New Orleans. If you are ever in the Crescent City I would love to meet you and learn your story, too! Feel free to visit our Live Oak Bank website to learn more about me, and the services we offer.
More to come….