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We Understand the Death Care Business

At Live Oak Bank we’ve placed industry experts on each of our lending teams. From Senior Loan Officer to loan closer, each person who touches your loan serves only your industry. Imagine speaking to a lender who understands all phases of funeral home, cemetery and cremation operations. Not having to explain terminology and nuances of your industry allows more time to establish a meaningful business relationship with you.

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At Live Oak Bank, we specialize in making loans to professionals in the Death Care industry. Our dedicated lenders guide clients through the acquisition process with knowledge and experience, aiding in the success of the funeral home loan. Our relationship with our clients extends beyond closing to ensure a lasting relationship focused on the success of the funeral home.
Live Oak offers Loan Officers who specialize in Death Care construction financing. Our construction team works with the Contractor, Architect and client on all construction-specific items. Our ultimate goal is to provide fast and efficient financing. Our knowledge coupled with a dedicated team simplifies the loan process for your funeral home construction project.
Our refinancing process is unique. We offer real-time, automated checklists so customers never have to guess where they are in the process. Our approach to refinancing and knowledge of the Death Care industry allows us to serve our clients in an innovative and efficient way. No other bank offers you this level of service.  


Our Background In Lending

With 95 years of combined experience in the Death Care industry, Live Oak Bank has earned a trusted reputation. Live Oak was founded in 2008 with one goal: provide business loans to independent businesspeople in niche industries. As the nation’s leading funeral home lender, we have extended over $170 million in funeral home loans across the country to date. You’ll find we’re not only easy to work with, but extremely helpful, knowledgeable and well equipped to help you achieve your goals and make sure your clients stay pointed in the right direction.

Stephanie C. Dunn
Stephanie C. Dunn
Stephanie Dunn has excelled in the Financial Services industry since 1999 and has been a leading national SBA lender for over a decade. Her professional background includes serving as a Financial Advisor at Prudential Securities and Senior Vice President / President’s Counsel of Lending for several of the largest government lenders in the country including Temecula Valley Bank and Excel National Bank. As a participant on NBC’s television series The Apprentice 2010, Dunn has become a national speaker and media contributor.

Teresa Carlson
Teresa Carlson
Teresa Carlson has achieved superior results in her over twenty-five year banking career. Most recently she served as Chief Operating Officer at SBA Complete, Inc., one of the nation’s leading SBA outsourcing and consulting services companies. Prior, she worked for Excel National Bank as well as Temecula Valley Bank, as a Business Development Officer where she excelled in loan production. Teresa’s dedication has proven successful in the banking industry.

Alan P. Mulligan
Alan P. Mulligan
Alan P. Mulligan succeeded as a sales professional for over 18 years. His funeral industry experience included consultative sales, training and product development for over 13 years. He earned Rookie of the Year, President’s Circle and other honors while employed by the two largest manufacturers in the industry, Batesville and Matthews International. While attending Miami University of Ohio, his banking career began with Bank One, Cincinnati, as customer service and collections representative. He has tremendous drive, passion, funeral industry expertise, and is dedicated to helping small business owners within the industry.

Why Partner with Live Oak Bank?

  • Up to 100% financing
  • Top lender to funeral homes nationwide
  • Flexible & efficient closings to meet borrowers’ needs
  • Streamlined process with minimal paperwork
  • Knowledgeable & experienced team
  • Cash-flow driven lending
In the application phase, a lending team member will work directly with you to gather all information needed to prequalify you for your loan request. We strive to simplify the loan process, make it easy for you to provide your information, and keep you informed along the way. Technology allows us to give you real-time updates on loan status and offer direct interaction with your loan team members.

Here you will submit financial documents necessary for your loan approval. You will work directly with the Underwriter assigned to your loan. The Underwriter will gather your financial documents and learn your story, advocate for you and assist you throughout the review process. Specific questions regarding paperwork can be addressed directly to your Underwriter. When your loan is approved, you will receive a commitment letter with the terms and conditions of the loan.

Closing is the final phase of your loan. A loan closing specialist, or closer, will contact you to schedule a kick-off call. Your closer will then review all documents needed to complete the loan. Documents can be submitted as completed. Your closing team will also assist in reviewing document drafts prior to signing, to ensure all necessary information is included. We’ve automated this process to ensure efficiency and clear communication throughout the funding of the loan. Real-time, automated checklists are provided to illustrate your loan progress.

IdeaBank-explore-new-ideasIdeaBank is a pro forma projection tool, modeling cash-flow possibilities for specific types of industry relevant business ideas. If you want to expand your business or acquire another location, use the IdeaBank to insert your company’s specific, relevant information. You will gain a sense of what costs and revenues to execute your specific business goals might be.

IdeaBank offers:

  • Pre-calculated industry specific data
  • Customer worksheets for easy calculations
  • Baseline financial resource calculations



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