jessica trichel

Jessica Trichel, DVM
Educational Outreach

Growing up riding horses, it was a natural fit for Jessica Trichel to pursue a degree in veterinary medicine from Louisiana State University. Now she is combining her specialized training with her love of education to lead Live Oak Bank’s educational outreach program for the bank’s niche industries, with an emphasis on veterinary medicine. Her goal is to inspire and educate medical professionals on how to use their specialized degrees to live out the American  dream of owning their own business.


At Live Oak Bank, we know that success isn’t just a destination – it’s a journey. A key part of getting there is education. The mission of Live Oak U is to promote practical, innovative business education for today’s professionals. By monitoring our industry portfolios, we can identify unique trends to equip professionals with solid business knowledge.

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Student Program Highlights

  • Industry specific short course
  • Management insights from industry experts
  • Foundation in basic finance
  • Approaches to future ownership
  • Strategies for marketing
  • Networking with colleagues and industry professionals