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DIR Fees

Pharmacy Podcast Exclusive: DIR Fees Demystified

Listen to our latest Podcast interview with Susan Pilch, NCPA Vice President of Policy and Regulatory Affairs, as she discusses DIR fees and the impact on the independent pharmacy.  

Profit Sharing Check

11 Ways to Invest (Not Spend) Your Agency Profit Sharing Check

It will soon be contingency season! We hope you enjoyed a great 2015 and will be rewarded for growth and profitable business. Contingency bonuses are based on achieving predetermined premium volumes, loss ratios and other objectives – things you’ve worked … read more

dental practice

How You Can Improve Your Dental Practice In 3 Simple Ways

2016 is here, and it is time for a fresh start. Are there things you can accomplish during 2016 that will improve your dental practice? Here are three areas in which most practices could find room for improvement: revenue growth, practice efficiency, and … read more

dental month

Why Isn’t Every Month Dental Month In Your Practice?

In a blog post three years ago, I asked this question: Why isn’t every month dental month? I make this query again as many veterinary practices focus on dental month—commonly set for February. If you wish to grow revenue while … read more

funeral home building

How To Claim Your Funeral Home Business on Google

As a funeral home owner, marketing your business is critical to your overall financial success. As more families research funeral homes online prior to making a decision, it is important to have an attractive website that appears in search engines. … read more

financing growth

The Challenges & Opportunities of Financing Growth

Craft breweries face several growth challenges, such as sourcing viable financing options for expansion, working capital, and new equipment purchases. However, there are also some tremendous opportunities available to craft breweries seeking the capacity to grow. Reinvesting Profits Financing growth … read more

FEC Business

3 Easy Ways to Improve Your FEC Business in 2016

The New Year is here, and it’s time for a fresh start! Ask yourself: “How can I improve my business in 2016?” There are three areas in which you might find room for improvement: revenue growth, efficiency, and marketing. Revenue Growth … read more

Perpetuation Planning

7 Things to Consider in Perpetuation Planning

You know the facts: insurance agents as a group are aging; the median age of a principal at an insurance agency, according to McKinsey & Co., is in the late 50s. What’s more, fewer than half of these agents have a … read more

vet practice

How To Claim Your Vet Practice on Google

As a veterinarian, marketing your practice is critical to the overall financial success of your business. Having your practice’s website properly optimized for search engines such as Google will help you be easily found online. Claiming your practice through Google … read more


Exposing the Myths: SBA vs. Conventional Lending

The Small Business Association (SBA) offers lending programs that are often misunderstood as a cumbersome, last resort loan funding option. Much of this misperception is centered on borrower experiences with banks who do not specialize in SBA lending, are not … read more