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Owning Real estate

Five Advantages of Owning Rather Than Leasing

5 Advantages of Owning Rather Than Leasing Have you thought about owning space for your practice? Many veterinary practice owners confront this question at one point or another. Should you purchase commercial property or continue to lease? The answer varies. … read more

Underwriting Process

What You Need to Know About the Underwriting Process

Underwriting Process In the underwriting phase, you will work directly with the underwriter assigned to your loan. The underwriter verifies and analyzes documents submitted during the application phase to determine accuracy and creditworthiness. The underwriter will complete a cash flow analysis … read more

Gracie's Friends

Live Oak Bank Announces New Division – Live Oak Trust

Live Oak Bank is excited to announce a new division of the bank, Live Oak Trust, offering Funeral and Cemetery Trust Services. Through this service, Live Oak Bank continues its dedication to the death care industry and expands its services … read more

brewery expansion financing

What You Need to Know About Craft Brewery Expansion Financing

Brewery Expansion Financing In the current world of craft brewing, it can feel like you’re never quite able to produce enough beer to satisfy demand. By the time the equipment from your previous expansion has been delivered, installed, and is … read more

Customer Spotlight: Short’s Brewery

Brewery Expansion Financing Our customers say it best! Watch our latest video with the team at Short’s Brewery based in Elk Rapids, Michigan, as they discuss their expanding brewery and the Live Oak difference in brewery financing.

self-storage borrowers

SBA Lending: A Primer for Self-Storage Borrowers

The Small Business Association (SBA) offers lending programs that are often mistakenly thought of by self-storage operators as cumbersome, last-resort loan options. Much of this misperception is generated by experiences with banks that don’t specialize in SBA lending, aren’t preferred … read more

Self-Storage Financing

SBA Loans Gaining Ground In Self-Storage Financing

Self-Storage Financing After more than 20 years in self-storage manufacturing, Terry Campbell left to bring a different product to the industry — Small Business Administration (SBA) loans. In March, Campbell joined Wilmington, NC-based Live Oak Bank, a preferred SBA lender for several niche … read more

Loan Application

What Happens During the Loan Application Process?

Funeral directors often ask us about the loan application process. What is required to apply for financing and successfully complete the process? How long will it take to receive funds? Whether you need financing today or are hoping to gain … read more

Poultry House Construction

Quick Tips to Make Poultry House Construction Simple

Construction Stages Simplified Building your dream home is one thing, but building your business from the ground up is a whole other obstacle. The construction of poultry houses takes time, money, and knowledge. We have an in-house construction team that works … read more

pharmacy acquisition checklist

5 Things You Need To Know To Acquire a Pharmacy

Pharmacy Acquisiton Financing Thinking of acquiring a pharmacy? This checklist will ensure you have taken all necessary steps to move forward successfully. Identify the pharmacy you wish to acquire.Identify a pharmacy that has a solid customer (prescription) base. Is there an … read more