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Operating Expenses

Understanding Pharmacy Financials IV: Operating Expenses

Understanding Your Income Statement Part 4 – Operating Expenses Having a solid understanding of your independent pharmacy’s financials can spell the difference between your business’ success and failure. While you may have an accountant whom you trust to prepare your … read more

practice ownership

Approaching Practice Ownership: Specialty & Emergency Clinic Edition

Many veterinarians consider practice ownership an opportunity to secure their financial futures, to be their own bosses and to operate their practices how they see fit. As specialty medicine continues to grow in the marketplace, a tremendous opportunity exists for … read more

Gross Profit

Understanding Pharmacy Financials III: Gross Profit

Understanding your Income Statement Part 3 – Gross Profit As we continue this five-part series, we’ll break down Gross Profit, a key component of your Income Statement that ultimately impacts your business’ bottom line. As discussed in Parts 1 and … read more

Live Oak Bank vs. Your “Local” Bank

As an insurance professional seeking financing you may be presented with various sources of funding. While local banks may fall within your geographical comfort zone, financing from Live Oak Bank could offer you a better alternative to receive the money … read more

medical financing

Capitol Surgery Center Goes Modern with Medical Financing

An orthopedic surgeon, an ENT, and a pain management specialist walked into a bank… How Live Oak Bank made it possible for them to relocate their ambulatory surgery center, upgrade to a state-of-the-art facility, double its capacity, AND put $350K … read more

american dream

Dental Exclusive: How Dr. Mark Lassiter Accomplished the American Dream

I am a post-baby boomer kid from the big city of Atlanta, Georgia, who grew up believing in the American Dream (and still do). My Dad was an IBM Golden Circle salesperson in the 1960’s and a graduate of Georgia … read more

Funeral Home Acquisition

Free Funeral Home Acquisition Webinar: Your Opportunity for Growth

Presented by Tim Bridgers and Jim Breaux For independent funeral home owners looking to expand, acquiring an additional funeral home is an achievable way to grow. In the past, seller financing was the primary funding option, making the transition of … read more

free webinar

Free Webinar: The Facts About SBA Financing for Self-Storage

Self-Storage Webinar Alert Join Live Oak Bank‘s Terry Campbell as he explains facts about SBA Financing for the Self-Storage Industry. Specializing in the Self-Storage space allows Live Oak to offer unique insight into the details of SBA lending for the industry. … read more

pharmacy financials

Understanding Pharmacy Financials II: Cost of Goods Sold

Understanding your Income Statement Part 2 – Cost of Goods Sold As an independent pharmacy owner you may tend to focus more on the health and services side of your business than on its numbers. While you may leave the … read more

hotel construction project

How to Ensure a Successful Hotel Construction Project

Before any successful commercial hotel construction project begins, an “A Team” should be assembled: lender, architect, and contractor. The team works together with the owner to ensure a successful project and supports the owner in decision-making. Some critical elements of … read more