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Poultry House Construction
Quick Tips to Make Poultry House Construction Simple;
make Building Your Agriculture Business Easy. Learn How to Simplify the Stages of Poultry House Construction.

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With over 60 years of experience in poultry financing, it’s clear that we are devoted to both the industry and the loan process.



build your credit score
Read about how having a better understanding of your credit and being mindful of your personal finances can help you build your credit score and benefit your business.
Questions From Poultry Borrowers
Looking For More Information On Agriculture Financing? Read The 5 Most Common Questions from Poultry Borrowers.
agriculture loan
Thinking about taking out an agriculture loan to finance your new chicken farm? There are five things that you will need to start the process.
Live Oak Bank offers a team with over 60 years combined experience lending solely to poultry growers nationwide. We offer up to 100% financing for new house …
Live Oak Bank is focused on educating poultry growers on financing needs. Our dedicated team can help you throughout the purchase, construction, or refinance process with knowledge and ease. We recently held our first Poultry Grower Financial Seminars on May … read more