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We’re Your Expert Veterinary Lenders

At Live Oak Bank we’ve placed industry experts on our lending teams. From Loan Officer to Loan Closer, each person who touches your loan is fully dedicated only to the veterinary industry. Imagine speaking to a lender who understands veterinary medicine, so you don’t have to explain the terminology and nuances specific to your industry. This saves you headaches and allows us to establish a meaningful business relationship with you. Let us help you refinance, remodel, expand, start new construction or acquire a veterinary practice.

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Our dedicated veterinary lenders guide clients through the acquisition process with knowledge and experience, fostering success of the veterinary loan. Our commitment to our veterinary clients extends beyond closing to ensure a lasting relationship focused on the success of the practice. 
Our lending process is unique. We pair our veterinary industry knowledge with an internal construction team, who works with third party vendors to ensure the project can be completed on budget and on time. We offer real-time, automated checklists so our veterinary customers never have to guess where they are in the lending process. 
Live Oak knows factors unique to the veterinary industry and are able to guide customers through the refinancing process. We deliver fast and efficient financing. With competitive rates and outstanding service, Live Oak makes refinancing an attractive option.

Our Background In Lending

With seasoned lenders who have a combined 50+ years of experience lending to veterinarians, Live Oak Bank has earned a trusted reputation in the industry. Founded in 2008 as a bank that solely lent to veterinarians, we understand the unique challenges you face in your profession. You will find that we are extremely efficient, knowledgeable and well-equipped to help you achieve your goals of ownership.

Vince Dailey
Vince DaileyGeneral Manager
Vince Dailey is a Senior Loan Officer for Live Oak Bank and is responsible for examining, evaluating and recommending the approval of commercial customer applications for extensions of credit. Before joining Live Oak Bank, Dailey was the President for Vine Street Financial, a division of BB&T, and worked as an SBA Loan Packager for Thomas Financial Group as well. Dailey graduated with a Bachelor’s in Business Administration and Finance from Marquette University.
Brian Faulk
Brian FaulkSenior Loan Officer
Brian Faulk is a Founder of Live Oak Bank as well as being responsible for examining, evaluating and recommending the approval of commercial customer applications for extensions of credit. Before joining Live Oak, Brian was the Senior Vice President for Vine Street Financial, a division of BB&T.  Most recently, he worked as an SBA Loan Packager for Thomas Financial Group. Over his extensive 28-year career in banking, Brian has lent over $1.0 Billion dollars to small business owners across the country.  He has a wealth of knowledge regarding small business lending and is a great resource for the banking community.
Sarita Vora
Sarita VoraSenior Loan Officer
As a Senior Loan Officer, Sarita Vora originates new loans and evaluates new loan applications. Before joining Live Oak Bank, she worked for the FDIC.  Prior to working for the FDIC, she worked at Vine Street Financial, a division of BB&T, in the SBA department with 4 of the founders of Live Oak Bank, where she began her banking career in 2004.  At Vine Street she started off as a Documentation Specialist where she helped close loans, and then went on to become a Loan Servicing Specialist.

Why Partner with Live Oak Bank?

  • Up to 100% financing
  • Over $600 million in veterinary, dental & medical construction loans successfully funded since 2008
  • Flexible & efficient closings to meet borrowers’ needs
  • Streamlined process with minimal paperwork
  • Knowledgeable & experienced team
  • Cash-flow driven lending
In the application phase, a lending team member will work directly with you to gather all information needed to prequalify you for your loan request. We strive to simplify the loan process, make it easy for you to provide your information, and keep you informed along the way. Technology allows us to give you real-time updates on loan status and offer direct interaction with your loan team members.

Here you will submit financial documents necessary for your loan approval. You will work directly with the underwriter assigned to your loan. The underwriter will gather your financial documents and learn your story, advocate for you and assist you throughout the review process. Specific questions regarding paperwork can be addressed directly to your underwriter. When your loan is approved, you will receive a commitment letter with the terms and conditions of the loan.

Closing is the final phase of your loan. A loan closing specialist, or closer, will contact you to schedule a kick-off call. Your closer will then review all documents needed to complete the loan. Documents can be submitted as completed. Your closing team will also assist in reviewing document drafts prior to signing, to ensure all necessary information is included. We’ve automated this process to ensure efficiency and clear communication throughout the funding of the loan. Real-time, automated checklists are provided to illustrate your loan progress.

Over $1 Billion in Veterinary Loans Funded, Let’s See What Our Borrowers Have To Say

“With the help of the Live Oak construction team,  the process of building my dream hospital was easier than I ever imagined. Surprisingly, the loan process, including obtaining all necessary documents and paperwork, was one of the easiest parts of the overall process. The team helped me stay on schedule and was always available to answer questions. I was always treated as an individual and felt confident that the person I was talking to knew who I was and was familiar with me as a customer. I was very glad I chose to work with Live Oak Bank.”
Wendy, DVM
“Live Oak Bank treated me like a partner, not just another customer. They became an advisor, helping me create a business plan and budget, aside from loaning me the money to purchase my practices. I felt that Vince and his team had my back throughout the entire process, and that feeling has continued beyond the loan closing.”
Will, DVM
“When we were looking to open our oncology clinic, we struggled to find a bank that truly understood our business. Once we discovered Live Oak, there was a feeling of relief. Live Oak Bank understands veterinary medicine, the industry and specialty clinics, which made it easy to communicate our vision for our practice.”
Stephanie, DVM

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