Dawn, DVM

North Carolina

My relationship with the principles of Live Oak began six years ago. Once our initial deal was signed, it was the beginning of our relationship, not the end. They’ve subsequently helped us secure financing for an expansion. Whenever I need advice I trust, from industry experts that I know are firmly committed to my success, I pick up the phone and call my colleagues at Live Oak.

I’ve dealt with large national banks. No matter how friendly and accommodating your representative seems during negotiations, once you sign the loan, that’s the end of their support. Phone calls get returned days later, if at all. My experience with Live Oak has been entirely different. In the six years I’ve been working with them, I’ve never failed to be responded to immediately – literally always within an hour, not days or weeks later.

This is a group of professionals of the highest caliber. They know the industry, they love the industry, and they’re completely dedicated to our success. I think of them as a trusted board of advisors.