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Q&A Spotlight: Agriculture Construction Loan Team

Poultry house construction takes time and the efforts of many people; there are many moving parts and lots to manage. Live Oak Bank offers an in-house agriculture construction loan team to work through the construction stages with each of our borrowers. This process ensures their projects stay on time and within budget.

We interviewed one of our Construction Loan Specialists, Avery Theriault, who explained her day to day tasks and how her team is making a difference in our borrowers’ lives.


Q: What is your role as a construction specialist at Live Oak?

A: As an agriculture construction specialist, I am responsible for maintaining many different relationships. First and foremost is our most important relationship, the one we have with our borrowers. We walk each borrower through the construction process from start to finish to ensure everything is on track. Often, this is the most vital time in a borrower’s career as a contract grower. By making sure that they understand the process, they become comfortable and are set up to succeed.

We also work directly with their grader, housing sub, equipment sub and other subs to pay invoices directly. A construction specialist also maintains the relationship with the vendors. Each construction specialist is assigned a region in the United States, and any vendor in that specific area knows that they have a dedicated Live Oak contact. By maintaining these relationships, we give our borrowers peace of mind and allow them to prepare to place birds.


Q: How does the construction loan team add value to our Agriculture borrowers?

A: As agriculture construction specialists, we increase the value to our borrowers through our experience. Each member of our team has been working with poultry farmers for an extended amount of time, and we are familiar with the process. Construction specialists also help to speed the closing process by gathering all construction-related documents.

We also ensure that our borrowers’ budgets are in line; even when changes occur in the construction period. We keep vendors on track and provide an extra layer of security when funds are sent out the door.


Q: What are your day to day tasks?

A: Our primary goal is to be available to our borrowers at any time. Daily, we process invoices for payments, keep insurances up to date for both borrowers and the vendors, track interest only periods and the bird dates, work with the integrators to gather income assignments and contracts, keep our loan officers up to date on projects and order inspections and monthly title updates.


If you are interested in learning more about a poultry loan or the construction process, contact one of our dedicated loan specialists.