Customer Spotlight: Perez-Ortega Farms

Both Yovany and Amanda Ortega are children of Immigrants who grew up on their families’ farms and have been poultry growers for eleven years. “I was born in Nicaragua, and I came to the United States when I was thirteen years old. I was raised on a coffee farm. When Yovany and I met, farming was an instant connection,” said Amanda.

Over a decade ago the Ortega’s met Vance Keaton, now Live Oak’s Agriculture Domain Expert in 2014 when they were ready to for their next project, they knew who to call. “Live Oak knows poultry so well,” said Amanda.

Watch as the Perez-Ortega family explains how an SBA loan and help from Live Oak Bank allowed them to build their poultry farm and continue to grow their agriculture business.


Poultry farmers like the Ortega’s have used Live Oak to gain capital to start farms across the United States. Since 2014, we have lent over $700 million dollars to the poultry industry.

“This farm is something we did together, and the bank made it possible. Coming to the States as a little girl, not knowing what you’re going to do, and having a bank that gave us the chance to grow, this made our dreams come true,” said Amanda.