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Distributors often find themselves in a tough situation. You may be waiting for payment from a customer while being asked to quickly pay a supplier. Having cash available in these situations allows distribution companies like you to successfully meet client and supplier expectations, stay competitive and get new business rather than turning it away.

Live Oak Bank offers financial solutions for small to mid-sized distribution companies nationwide who need working capital to successfully operate during unpredictable times or rapid growth. Pay your employees, address seasonal variations and take on new business with asset-based lending solutions from Live Oak Bank.

Distributors can benefit from a line of credit to pay expenses, buy inventory, and ultimately, have better cash flow each month. A line of credit allows your distribution business to have flexible access to money when needed rather than selling accounts receivable like with a factoring arrangement.

It’s not easy to manage cash flow when you’re waiting on repayment of invoices from your clients. You still have to pay your employees, suppliers and manufacturers. By factoring your invoices, you can get the money you need right away. Live Oak Bank offers accounts receivable factoring, whether recourse or non-recourse, that enables your distribution company to achieve better priced financing than typically offered by traditional factors.

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A Partner In the Middle

Live Oak offers a solution that fits between a traditional bank line of credit and more expensive traditional commercial finance or fintech financing options. If your distribution company needs to purchase inventory, pay employees or other operational needs, our financing may be a great solution for you at a lower cost.

Flexible Financing Options

Your sales cycles can be unpredictable. Don’t lose business to your competition because you don’t have the cash you need to move forward. Live Oak offers flexible accounts receivable financing solutions, whether factoring or line of credit. Your invoices are assets that you can use to get the cash you need to run your daily operations. We’re here to support your business with financing when you need it.

Exceptional Service

Service is the lifeblood of your business. Your customers depend on you to be reliable and timely with the delivery of your products. Live Oak Bank also takes great pride in superior service to our customers. We’re quick to respond to your questions and help you find cash solutions when you need it.

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