Flexible Working Capital Financing Solutions

The demand for temporary staffing is rapidly growing. Don’t miss opportunities because you have a cash flow shortage. Live Oak Bank offers working capital solutions for small to mid-sized staffing firms.

You’ve defined your niche and developed value for your clients. You deserve a financing partner who embraces the same approach. We give you more money against your invoices than traditional banks, and we cater the package to meet your specific needs. Just as no two staffing companies are alike, neither are our accounts receivable solutions.

Does your staffing company need to quickly borrow an unknown or unpredictable amount of money? We offer lines of credit to meet this need. A line of credit enables your staffing company to have flexible access to money when needed rather than selling your accounts receivable in a factoring arrangement.

Just because you have slow-paying customers, doesn’t mean you have to slow down. Our flexible approach to factoring enables you to turn outstanding invoices into cash, quickly. By selling your staffing company’s current invoices, you simply turn existing receivables into cash you can use immediately.

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Why Live Oak


A Partner in the Middle

Serving small and mid-sized businesses is our ONLY business. With Live Oak, you’ll discover a unique partner who maximizes the cash available for your receivables and offers a solution that falls between a traditional bank line of credit and often more expensive traditional commercial finance or fintech financing options.


Flexible Financing Options

Our accounts receivable financing options are catered to your business needs. Whether you choose factoring or a line of credit, we will find a cost-effective and timely solution for you. We understand the strain your business may experience when additional working capital is needed – let us help.


Exceptional Service

We understand the stress of running a successful staffing business – awaiting repayment while compensating your employees and keeping the lights on. We strive to lessen some of your worries by offering cash when you need it. At Live Oak, you’ll enjoy a responsive, dedicated team who genuinely wants to help you reach your goals. We will pair you with a business analyst to help with day-to-day needs and questions. We want to see you succeed and will be here to support your cash flow needs each step of the way.

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