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Live Oak Bank’s asset-based lending financing approach was designed for small to mid-sized trucking companies. We understand the unique challenges and opportunities in the freight industry – volatile fuel prices and freight rates, customer collection cycles and increasing insurance costs. Our team recognizes that each trucking company has specific cash availability needs so that poor timing of invoice payment doesn’t impact your business.

We offer lines of credit for trucking companies when this is a better fit. A line of credit enables your trucking business to have flexible access to money when needed rather than selling your accounts receivable in a factoring arrangement.

Our flexible approach to factoring, whether recourse or non-recourse, enables your trucking company to achieve better priced financing than typically offered by traditional factors. By selling your current invoices through factoring, you get the cash you need to cover your expenses and ultimately grow and expand.

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Article: Line of Credit vs Factoring

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A Partner In the Middle

Discover a bank who truly understands your business. Our sole focus is to serve small and mid-sized companies. Are you looking for a unique partner to maximize the cash available on your receivables? Do you want a solution that fits between a traditional bank line of credit and more expensive traditional commercial finance or fintech financing options? Consider Live Oak Bank as your ABL financing partner.

Flexible Financing Options

We offer flexible accounts receivable financing solutions, whether factoring or line of credit. Your invoices are seen as assets that you can use to get the cash you need to run your daily operations. When your needs change, we’ll change with you.

Exceptional Service

Our dedicated team truly wants to help you reach your goals. Just as you respond to shippers and corporate clients on a dime, we’re quick to respond to your questions and help you find cash solutions when an issue arises. With Live Oak, you’ll find a more personalize approach to accounts receivable financing.

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