Live Oak Bank deeply values your success. Exceptional customer service is the cornerstone of a meaningful relationship with all of our clients. In an effort to support you for the duration of your small business loan, we created the Business Analyst Group. Once your loan is funded, a dedicated Business Analyst provides valuable insight to help your business thrive. Beyond the traditional banking experience, we hope to be an asset to each and every one of our customers.



So, how will your Business Analyst work for you?

  1. Financial analysis for your business: Your Business Analyst looks at industry benchmarks and suggests ways to improve your bottom line.
  2. In-person visits: We invest the time to learn about your business because we value your success and we want to do whatever we can to help you.
  3. Assistance with loan questions and modifications: Businesses can evolve and we are here to help you make any financial changes that are within our power.
  4. Recommendations to grow your business: We have worked with many thriving companies within your industry and we can recommend strategies to help you prosper.
  5. Insight on industry trends and benchmarks: Knowing your industry is what sets us apart from other banks and we pride ourselves with having our finger on the pulse.
  6. Helping you uncover potential issues: Because we have an external view of your business, we can help identify irregularities or issues through your financials.


Download our Business Analyst Group Guide to explore all the ways we’ll provide financial guidance, plus read what our customers have to say about the group.

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