This is an image of a business owner boosting employee morale during a challenging time.

Maintaining Employee Morale

At any given time, your workforce is a critical factor for success. When your business faces a challenge, banding together to make sure employee morale at your organization doesn’t nosedive is essential. Now is the time to cultivate an air of camaraderie so that your team will feel supported. Here are some simple ideas to keep your employees uplifted and engaged during this global crisis.  

  • Communicate clearly and frequently. Being transparent about specific hurdles the company and industry are facing is important during this time of uncertainty can help ease employees’ anxieties. 
  • A shift in focus.  During a typical day, any small business owner is focused on their bottom line. However, at a time of crisis, it’s essential to be more flexible and show compassion and understanding towards your employees’ needs to put their families first as they’re navigating day-to-day changes.
  • Bond and build engagement. Employees often see each other as family—using tough times like these to support and lift each other up will make you stronger as a team and improve overall employee morale in the long run. 

Think of us as your partners at Live Oak Bank; we’re happy to discuss any specific challenges you may be facing and offer guidance. A positive attitude can go a long way in getting you and your employees through a less than normal time of business.