This is an image of a business owner providing customer support over the phone while she works from her home in a challenging economic climate.

Serving Your Customers to the Best of Your Ability

As a small business owner, we know that a lot is going through your mind right now. Taking care of your staff, serving your customers and managing expenses are your primary areas of focus. Now more than ever, let your existing customers know how much you appreciate their continued support and patronage. Below are some customer service tactics to ensure your customers continue to lean on you for their needs.  

  • Reach out to your customers via phone or email. These touchpoints add value to your relationship and offer an opportunity to let folks know you are open for business, even if you have limited offerings. If you are closed or planning to close, let customers know that you will be back soon. 
  • Extend free shipping or any possible product discounts. If you operate an e-commerce site, free shipping is always a value add for customers. While many people are staying at home, this doesn’t mean they can’t shop online.  
  • Offer curbside pickup. With the implications of social distancing, this level of customer service can come in handy. Be sure to detail how this works, where the customer comes to pick up their items and how they should pay (specify if you do not take credit cards, cash only, etc.) 
  • Deliver your products to customers’ doors. Again, this is another service that many customers will appreciate given the current global circumstances.  
  • Participate in virtual consultations. There are countless digital platforms that allow for conversation and interaction with your customers. Think outside the box about how you can serve your customers from afar. You can organize group events on social media channels or host a webinar to offer guidance relative to your industry. 


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Providing a consistent, positive experience is our goal as we adapt to this current climateSmall business owners are doing an incredible job working together to find solutions for customers during this unprecedented global event—keep up the great work and customer service!