C-PACE Financing FAQs

  • What can C-PACE finance?

    You can use C-PACE financing for a long list of energy efficiency improvements in your commercial building. Below is a partial list of items that qualify.

    • Building System and Envelope:
      HVACs, lighting, roofs, insulation, boilers, windows, doors, elevators, escalators, water heaters and air compressors
    • Water Conservation:
      Plumbing fixtures, washing systems, aerators, irrigation systems, landscaping and other water-related systems
    • Onsite Energy Generation:
      Solar, wind, electric vehicle stations, generators, geothermal, fuel cell, battery storage and other onsite energy systems
    • Hazard Mitigation:
      Seismic mitigation (in California and Oregon) and wind resiliency improvements (in Florida)
  • How do I qualify for C-PACE financing?

    Nearly any commercial building type is eligible for C-PACE financing, including industrial, office, retail and non-profits. To qualify for C-PACE funding, the building must be located in an area with an existing C-PACE program.

  • How do I repay my C-PACE loan?

    The property owner pays for completed energy efficiency improvements via their tax assessment bill, usually paid annually or semi-annually.

  • Can I pay off my assessment early?

    Yes, however, you may incur prepayment penalties. We will disclose these details in your loan documents, so be sure to discuss this with your lender.

  • Can C-PACE financing be used to reimburse previous work?

    Yes. C-PACE can be used to finance improvements that have recently begun operation, but it is only available in specific locations. State PACE legislation dictates whether or not this is eligible.

  • Does PACE financing cover 100% of construction costs?

    Yes. Live Oak Bank can provide financing for up to 100% of costs associated with the improvements, including soft costs, such as engineering, site work and energy audits.

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