ABL Collateral Analyst

at Live Oak Bank • Wilmington Headquarters

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Position Summary:

Responsible for day-day ongoing monitoring and relationship management with the customer (this is the person who takes the calls from the borrower’s receivables/payables employee).  Tasks detailed in Procedures document include: daily balancing & funding; receiving payments; preparing tickets; approving new Account Debtors (with Prog. Risk Manager); addressing charge backs (or payment discounts); addressing over-advance situations (with Program Risk Manager); balancing cash collateral reserve deficiency (factoring); adding Debtors to a “no-buy” list (with Program Risk Manager).

Essential Functions:

  • Day-Day (highlighting key functions)
    • Verification (when required)/monitoring of invoices using system funding rules; (eligibility, borrowing base compliance); required repurchases through cash collateral reserve.
    • Monitoring insurance coverage (if applicable), implementing required additions, filing claims.
  • Monthly
    • Review risk trend reports with Program Risk Manager.
    • Monthly customer call with Program Risk Manger to review trends and settlement of cash collateral reserve; discuss implementation of any program changes (eligibility; cash collateral reserve; advance rates etc.).
  • Quarterly
    • Prepare Watch List Reports; review and present at Watch Meeting with Program Risk Manager.
  • Annually
    • Site visits (include PRM where appropriate); recommend annual renewals with SLO/Domain Expert and review with PRM. Review field exam results with Program Risk Manager.

Additional Responsibilities:

  • Review, process and verify collateral reports and Borrowing Base Certificates submitted by borrowers.  Monitor borrower loan activity and arrange for funds transfer when required. 
  • Reconcile monthly accounts receivable agings and inventory reporting.  Review and calculate ineligibles based upon a pre-determined schedule
  • Verify and process client's incoming cash receipts via lockbox accounts and cash collateral accounts.
  • Assist with month-end processing and reconciliation of monthly interest billings and reports.
  • Monitor and maintain quality of portfolio by alerting management of any discovered irregularities or suspected problems.

Preferred Skills:

  • Strong technology skills and knowledge of business computer applications
  • Ability to work independently and use independent judgment with minimal supervision
  • Above average communication skills, both verbal and written
  • Ability to handle pressure of meeting deadlines
  • Strong attention to detail, problem solving skills, and ability to prioritize work to meet numerous levels of deadlines
  • Ability to set priorities, and the discipline to execute to those priorities
  • Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal; ability to communicate complex technical solutions to management or team members is essential.
  • Self-motivated and detail-oriented
  • Must have good time management and organizational skills and adhere to deadlines
  • Collaborative and handles constructive criticism
  • Ability to manage multiple initiatives while meeting scope, schedule, cost, and quality requirements


  • Bachelor's degree, preferably in Accounting or Finance


  • 1-5 years in a Banking, Accounting or Finance position preferred

Physical Demands/Work Environment Requirements:

  • The ability to work the days and hours required to fulfill the essential functions of the position
  • The ability to work long hours and to multitask
  • Frequent travel is required

Mental Demands:

  • Learning, thinking, concentration, creativity
  • The ability to interact with others, work as a team and exercise self-control
  • The ability to work under stressful conditions, particularly in regards to tight deadlines
  • The ability to make decisions and exercise discretion when necessary