Maintaining Practice Value Series II

Dental Practice Value

Maintaining Dental Practice Value: Designing with Longevity

Step 2 to building and maintaining your dental practice value is designing your practice with longevity in mind. If you are building or remodeling your practice, create a floor plan and office design with intrinsic longevity so they will still be appropriate years from now when it’s time to sell. Use an open floor plan that ensures ease of traffic flow. Build in the capacity to expand services as needed with extra operatory, laboratory, equipment or storage space. Use furnishings that are classic in design and colors that are timeless. Consider incorporating environmentally friendly materials and systems that save energy and improve air quality, as these will positively impact the value of the practice. While poor practice design may not be a deal-breaker at the time of sale, a carefully thought-out floor plan and interior structure can add perceived value to the practice for the right buyer.

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