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Dr. Leary Achieves Her Dream of Dental Practice Ownership

Dental Practice Ownership

“My desire to become a dentist began in high school, and this desire grew while learning more about dentistry throughout college. I received my BS in Biology from Spelman College and my DDS from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. After graduating from UNC-CH, I completed a one-year general practice residency (GPR) at the Veteran’s Affairs Hospital in Baltimore, MD.

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As my career in dentistry began, I was fortunate to work in a pediatric dentistry, corporate dentistry, private practice and finally, to own a practice. In February 2011, I acquired the healthy practice of a retiring dentist who had been in the same location in the community for 41 years and had a great list of generational patients. I am proud to say that my practice remains a true family practice. After a year in my new practice, it was clear that my new acquisition offered immense opportunity. I knew we needed to transition from our three operatory, 1000 square foot practice to a larger and more modern facility to accommodate our growth.

With the knowledge and extraordinary team at Live Oak, my two-year journey ended with the purchase of a 7500 square foot pad and my own 4000 square foot building. A year later, I am happy to say we have continued to grow. Live Oak is still a wonderful support system for my practice, and I am fortunate to have them on my team, a team in which failure is not an option!” – Dr. Leary

Dr. Leary Achieves Her Dream of Dental Practice Ownership Click To Tweet