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Watch Now! Evaluating Opportunities to Purchase a Dental Building

Watch Debunking the Top 3 Myths of Property Ownership

Dentists frequently consider constructing or purchasing a dental building for their practices. Unfortunately, they often struggle to evaluate both the advantages and disadvantages of owning a space, as well as their opportunities to obtain financing for the project.

In this webinar Bert Smith, Loan Officer from Live Oak Bank, discusses the advantages and opportunities of owning commercial property. He covers things to consider when making the decision to buy versus lease commercial real estate for your practice such as: the benefits and risks of owning your building, three myths about completing a dental building project related to cost, qualifying for a loan and the process and finally what types of financing are available to you.

Join Bert as he demystifies common misconceptions about the challenges of completing a dental building project.



About Bert Smith:

Bert Smith is a Loan Officer from the Dental & Medical financing team of Live Oak Bank. He has helped hundreds of dentists across the United States obtain financing for real estate and construction projects over the past few years. Previously, he worked with pharmacy customers in Live Oak Bank’s Business Advisory Group. He is a graduate from the Gatton School of Business and Economics at the University of Kentucky with specializations in economics and finance.


The Live Oak Advantage: Dental Real Estate & Construction Financing

At Live Oak Bank, healthcare real estate construction financing is one of our specialties. In addition to our dedicated dental lending team, we also have an in-house construction loan team.

This may be the first time you’ve undertaken a commercial construction project, but this is what we do every day.


After your loan closes and you begin construction, you’ll have a knowledgeable and dedicated team at Live Oak to walk you through the process—until the first patient walks through your new doors.

Our in-house construction loan team’s unmatched response time, personal attention and efficient process helps you avoid potential headaches and focus on getting your practice up and running. They are available to work directly with an approved contractor and architect on all construction-related items, providing funding guidance through each step of the construction loan process. The team facilitates all documentation throughout the closing and construction disbursement period and makes sure your project stays on budget, on schedule and that everyone is paid on time.


Contact Bert to learn more about your opportunities to own commercial real estate.