Live Oak Bank makes a contribution towards the Dental Trade Alliance Foundation

November 27, 2012 – Wilmington, NC – In an effort to continue to express its commitment to the dental community, Live Oak Bank has donated to the Dental Trade Alliance Foundation (DTAF). The mission of the DTAF is to improve access to and the productivity of the oral healthcare system. This can be accomplished by identifying, nurturing and leveraging specific projects that show promise in improving the healthcare system. The DTAF grants funding for innovative projects to improve access to oral healthcare, affords dental students who illustrate a strong commitment to community service scholarship opportunities, and provides for the recently launched Partnership for Healthy Mouths, Healthy Lives national public awareness children’s oral health Ad Council campaign.

“Thanks to the generosity of donors like Live Oak Bank, the Dental Trade Alliance Foundation is able to fund innovative, replicable, sustainable projects designed to create access to oral health care for those with the greatest need,” commented Laura Fleming Doyle, Executive Director of the Dental Trade Alliance Foundation.   “2012 DTA Foundation initiatives include: 1) initiating a dental student scholarship program established to support dental students who have shown a strong commitment to community service while in dental school;  2) hosting organization for the recently launched oral health awareness campaign with the Ad Council and the Partnership for Healthy Mouths, Healthy Lives campaign; and 3) celebrating 10 years of our Grant Program which supports innovative, sustainable, replicable projects designed to increase access to oral health care for Americans.”

“Live Oak Bank has been committed to the dental industry since 2010,” stated Keith Merklin, General Manager for Live Oak Bank. “As we continue to grow, we want to get increasingly involved in the community and to continue to support the improvement and accessibility of oral healthcare. The better service our borrowers can provide to their customers, the more successful their business will become. We are grateful that a portion of our donation will also be allocated towards assisting dental students with their scholarships, as they are the future of the profession.”