The Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy (C-PACE) program helps commercial real estate owners make energy efficient, water conservation and renewable energy improvements to their buildings. C-PACE financing from Live Oak Bank offers 100% financing and long-term repayment options for eligible existing and new construction commercial real estate projects.

As the commercial property owner, making your building more energy-efficient helps cut down on utility bills and lessen your environmental footprint. But the cost to make these upgrades can be high. C-PACE financing makes it possible to implement these energy efficiency upgrades through long-term financing with low rates. You make payments via an assessment on your property tax bill.


  • 100% financing with 15 to 30-year terms depending on location
  • More competitive interest rates
  • Reduce your utility bills
  • Can help borrowers overcome common barriers to financing energy-efficient projects
  • The owner can transfer financing obligations if they sell the building
  • No LEED certification required to qualify
  • Supports environmental initiatives to reduce the impact on the environment

The C-PACE Financing Process

Each C-PACE program across the country has its nuances, but the financing process is similar. At a high-level, Live Oak’s C-PACE financing process includes these three steps:

Identify a Project
A C-PACE lender at Live Oak will work with you to:

  • Confirm the project is C-PACE eligible
  • Size and price the C-PACE
  • Produce a term sheet

To help ensure a successful transaction Live Oak will:

  • Order third party reports
  • An energy engineering report is required
  • Obtain C-PACE program approval
  • Provide form legal documents

Closing & Payment:
A typical Live Oak C-PACE closing involves:

  • Concurrent closing with the primary loan
  • Live Oak will coordinate the C-PACE program signatures and recording
  • C-PACE funds are fully funded at closing and disbursed along with the primary loan funds

Working together for a better tomorrow

Where C-PACE Financing is Available

C-PACE-enabling legislation is active in 37 states plus D.C.

Map Key

Active Programs

Program in Development


Who is involved in a C-PACE transaction?

The Lender

Responsible for finding the right administrator for the location of the project, structuring, and facilitating the financing process. The lender will also lead the effort to obtain lender consent.

The Property Owner

Responsible for providing detailed costs for the energy upgrades, for retrofits, or ground-up construction.

The Administrator

The administrator is responsible for knowing the program’s ins and outs and is the gatekeeper for C-PACE projects in each geography.

Our C-PACE Program Team
understands your business

  • Derek Welsh
    VP - Solar

    Email Derek | 910.798.1213


  • What can C-PACE finance?

    You can use C-PACE financing for a long list of energy efficiency improvements in your commercial building. Below is a partial list of items that qualify.

    • Building System and Envelope:
      HVACs, lighting, roofs, insulation, boilers, windows, doors, elevators, escalators, water heaters and air compressors
    • Water Conservation:
      Plumbing fixtures, washing systems, aerators, irrigation systems, landscaping and other water-related systems
    • Onsite Energy Generation:
      Solar, wind, electric vehicle stations, generators, geothermal, fuel cell, battery storage and other onsite energy systems
    • Hazard Mitigation:
      Seismic mitigation (in California and Oregon) and wind resiliency improvements (in Florida)
  • How do I qualify for C-PACE financing?

    Nearly any commercial building type is eligible for C-PACE financing, including industrial, office, retail and non-profits. To qualify for C-PACE funding, the building must be located in an area with an existing C-PACE program.

  • How do I repay my C-PACE loan?

    The property owner pays for completed energy efficiency improvements via their tax assessment bill, usually paid annually or semi-annually.

  • Can I pay off my assessment early?

    Yes, however, you may incur prepayment penalties. We will disclose these details in your loan documents, so be sure to discuss this with your lender.

  • Can C-PACE financing be used to reimburse previous work?

    Yes. C-PACE can be used to finance improvements that have recently begun operation, but it is only available in specific locations. State PACE legislation dictates whether or not this is eligible.

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