As a decision maker in your community, you have the great privilege and responsibility of helping improve the health, safety and overall well-being of its residents. We know that in rural America it can be hard to attract and retain businesses and provide job opportunities and essential services to ensure your community thrives. We can help by providing community facilities financing.

We provide financing for communities and non-profit organizations for facilities such as healthcare, education, public safety and more. Planning for a community is challenging, but the financing doesn’t have to be. We reduce the red tape and provide a simplified loan process with quicker access to the money that you need to help your community thrive.

Our community facilities team is passionate about helping rural America. When you work with us, you get a partner that you can trust to walk you through the community facilities financing process and stick with you throughout the life of your loan. Don’t get left behind; ensure a better tomorrow for your children and grandchildren. We’re here to help you lead your community towards a bright future with community facilities financing.

We also offer financing for community water, wastewater, stormwater or waste disposal needs.

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Industry Expertise

Our Community Facilities Team is made up of previous USDA lenders who are experienced with complex deal types and in structuring loans to provide the best funding package for our borrowers. Every community is unique, because of our experience we can help you assess your needs and develop a plan specific to your area. This is how we became the highest volume lender nationwide for USDA's Rural Business-Cooperative Loan Guarantee Programs (2018 Rural Energy for American Program (REAP) and Business & Industry (B&I) loan programs combined).

Competitive Rates & Terms

We can offer competitive rates and longer loan terms than most traditional lenders. Longer terms give you a lower monthly payment and the flexibility to take advantage of future economic opportunities. For many community facility projects, smaller monthly payments can make a difference in your community for generations to come.

Combine Funding Sources

Many lenders will not work on a project with multiple funding sources, but we can work through the complexities of combining multiple sources into one deal. We can also partner with the USDA direct program. Partnering allows larger projects to be financed at one time, versus having to break your project into multiple phases.

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