A Lender Who Understands Indoor Ranges Means a Streamlined Process for You

At Live Oak Bank, we understand that experience, safety and education are core components for successful, modern indoor shooting ranges. Our focus is on helping range owners develop and grow their businesses through a unique lending experience. Whether you are looking to open an indoor range, acquire an existing one, expand your current facility, refinance existing debt, purchase new technology or you simply need working capital, we have loan solutions that can work for you and your business.

Building a new indoor range takes careful planning, expert advice and money. We offer financing for indoor ranges with competitive terms, flexible down payment options and an opportunity to work closely with a dedicated team who knows your industry inside and out. Additionally, after your loan closes, you’ll be paired with a construction loan specialist who will work directly with your contractor on all construction-related payments.

Or, as an experienced indoor range owner, you may be exploring new ways to grow or modernize your business. Should you add more events and special programs? Do you need to expand products and services to add new revenue streams? You may need to update your ventilation system, do a ballistic upfit, hire additional staff, upgrade equipment or increase your marketing efforts—or all of the above. Growing or modernizing your indoor range will likely require money along the way. We can provide the financing you need to make improvements and help your facility grow and succeed.

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We pride ourselves in our deep knowledge of the indoor range industry. You won’t have to bring us up to speed on the diverse needs of your range; we get it. This allows for a simpler, more streamlined loan process for you that’s solely focused on your financials and business plans. Most importantly, it means getting you the money you need more quickly.



You are a trusted partner to your customers for education, training and safety. We want to be your trusted partner to finance your growth. Maintaining long-term relationships with our customers is a top priority, and you can feel confident that our dedicated indoor range lending team always has your best interests in mind. Working with a lender you can trust—who provides sound financial guidance and advice throughout the loan process and beyond—offers you peace of mind that you will get a customized loan package that meets your specific business needs.



The loan process as you know it has been redefined by Live Oak Bank. We offer an online application process that eliminates that dreaded paperwork and duplicative requests for signatures and shows you where you are in the process each step of the way. Technology enables and streamlines the loan process, but does not replace the deep personal relationships we maintain with our customers. All final credit decisions are made by a member of our expert financing team.

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