Strengthening the Fitness Center Financing Process

Just as you focus on helping your members reach their health and wellness goals, we focus daily on helping fitness centers nationwide reach their business growth goals. We understand the complex nature of your business and the money it takes to get there. Whether you are opening a new gym, acquiring an existing one, refinancing existing debt, purchasing equipment, or simply need working capital, let us help you achieve your goals.

As a top lender for the SBA and USDA, we pride ourselves in an efficient, transparent lending process. This results in a pleasant, streamlined customer experience that you won’t find with other banks.

Loan Solutions


Purchasing a fitness center or acquiring another location offers owners a great way to increase profits. They often require less time and money than a new build, and still offer the enhanced reach and benefits you’re seeking. At Live Oak Bank, we’ve financed over $2.6B in acquisition deals – we’re well equipped to guide you through the transaction.

Working Capital

Set yourself up for financial growth by identifying your business needs. Whether you want to hire additional staff, upgrade equipment or increase marketing, you will likely need financial assistance. By partnering with a lender who understands your business, you’ll be able to skip the hassle and secure the necessary loan.


By building a new fitness center or renovating, you are investing in the future of your business. From the initial meeting with your architect to opening the doors of your new gym, Live Oak’s fitness center lending team will be at your side offering support and guidance.

Why Live Oak


We pride ourselves in deep knowledge of the indoor range industry. In fact, one of our indoor range loan officers is a Federal Firearms Licensee and U.S. Marine Corps combat veteran. You won’t have to get us up to speed on the diverse needs of your range; we get it. For you this means a simpler loan process focused on financials and business plans and, most importantly, successfully getting you the money you need.


You are a trusted partner to your customers for education, training and safety. We want to be your trusted partner to finance your growth. We take our customer relationships very seriously and have your best interests in mind. Working with a lender you trust offers you peace of mind that you will get a customized loan package that works for your business.


The loan process as you know it has been redefined at Live Oak Bank. We offer an online application process that eliminates that dreaded paperwork and duplicative requests for signatures and shows you where you are each step of the way. Technology enables the loan process but does not replace the deep personal relationships we maintain with our customers.

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