ICCFA Event: Vital Signs- Is Your Funeral Business Healthy?


Join us at ICCFA to learn how key business metrics affect your funeral home.

Vital Signs: Is Your Funeral Business Healthy?
Presented by: Tim Bridgers
Saturday, April 16 at 12 PM

Your doctor or hospital relies on a few simple tests to get a pretty clear picture of your overall health – your vital signs. The same is true for funeral homes. Based on its work with hundreds of firms across the US, Live Oak starts with a few key metrics to gauge the health of the business. Tim Bridgers will look at those vital signs and how they’re used to guide capital investment and lending decisions. He will also offers prescriptions that business owners can use to improve their numbers and build the value of their businesses.

Questions about financing? Stop by booth #1131 at ICCFA or contact our team today.

Mark Milton (mark.milton@liveoakbank.com) – 910.202.6934
Tim Bridgers (tim.bridgers@liveoakbank.com) – 910.685.7446
Jim Breaux (jim.breaux@liveoakbank.com) – 910.758.2266


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