Watch On Demand! Top 10 Tips for Funeral Home Renovation Free Webinar

Kate Groat from Live Oak Bank and Kelly TerWisscha from TWC shared their top 10 funeral home renovation tips in a free webinar last month. Whether you are planning a renovation project or looking for ways to improve you funeral home, these renovation tips will help you get started.

Here are just a few tips Kate and Kelly shared:

Keep in mind the size and scope of your project when selecting your renovation team. Will you need financing? Do you need to hire an architect, contractor or designer? Reconfiguring the floor plan and moving walls will have different requirements than a simple refresh of the interior. Regardless of your project, it is important to get them all involved in the project early! If your renovation team has experience in the funeral industry, they can help guide your decisions and simplify the process.

As you began the renovation, you’ll need to know your timeline and how the renovations will impact your funeral home. You don’t want to turn families aware during the renovation, so have a conversation with your contractor about ways to stay operational during the project. If you have a second location or chapel that can accommodate families, you may be able to speed up the project if you can close the funeral home for a period of time. Weigh the costs and benefits to decide what works best for you and your business.

Creating a flexible space by reconfiguring your current floor plan or building an addition will provide families more options. Allowing families the ability to customize the service, host receptions and personalize the space could fill a void in your market. It can also become another revenue stream. With the increase in cremation and celebration services, creating a flexible space is a great way to add value to the funeral home for when it is time to retire and sell the business. When designing a multi-purpose space, allow for natural light, dimmable recessed lighting, movable furniture and places for families to display photos.

Live Oak Bank offers renovation financing from $75,000 to $5,000,000 for lobby renovations, technology updates, selection room renovations, new equipment and more! Feel free to contact our team if you have questions or would like to get started on your project.


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