ChemTrack Alaska, Inc.

Carrie Jokiel, Owner

Project Type
Contract Mobilization Loan

Carrie Jokiel is a federal government contractor in Alaska. Her company, ChemTrack Alaska, Inc. was founded over 50 years ago by her father. With financing from Live Oak Bank, Carrie was able to grow her small business through a contract mobilization loan. A mobilization loan allows contractors to bid confidently on new opportunities knowing they will have the capital they need to cover expenses like payroll, insurance, equipment, vendors and more.


After attending a Live Oak presentation at the 8(a) conference in 2017, Carrie knew their loan solution was what she needed.

“I said, I could cry right now. I think you have what I need. In record timing, I got my contract mobilization loan to move forward on my project.”

With financing, Carrie successfully fulfilled her contract and moved to her next project.

“Live Oak’s biggest asset is their transparency. I understood their loan products and knew what path I wanted for my business. They are disrupting the market with their mobilization loan.”

If you are interested in learning about government contracting financing, connect with one of our dedicated loan specialists here.

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