financing growth for government contractors

Webinar: Financing Growth for Federal Government Contractors

If you missed our “Financing for Growth” webinar for Federal Government Contractors, it’s not too late to watch it. In this exclusive webcast, our domain experts at Live Oak Bank, along with PilieroMazza Advisory Services, provide insights in this unique marketplace and discuss what government contractors should consider for growth including making plans for mergers and acquisitions.

For several reasons, government contractors are reluctant to talk about acquiring another firm. And for good reason. It is a close-knit community: you may be competitors on one contract or collaborating as subs or primes on another contract. As a result, people are hungry to find out why they should consider a merger or an acquisition as a growth strategy.

In this webinar, our experts discuss:

  • How do you optimize cash flow?
  • How do you leverage multiple government contracts in a short time period?
  • How do you structure a deal so that you leverage set aside status to maximize the benefits of an acquisition or merger? What do you need to consider when the contracts transfer to the buyer?

Hear from Patrick Kelley, General Manager, and Eric Rabinovich, Director of Government Contracting, at Live Oak Bank. Advisors Michael de Gennaro, partner at PilieroMazza, and John Shoraka, Managing Director of PilieroMazza Advisory Service, also weigh in.

View the “Financing for Growth” webinar.