You’ve worked your entire career to build a collection of amazing hotels that accommodate your guests’ every need. What if you had a bank by your side to better meet your needs and make acquiring new hotel properties easier? The hotel acquisition lending experts at Live Oak Bank have your back. As your lending partner, we can use our extensive experience in hotel acquisition loans to evaluate opportunities and provide the right funding solutions to help you reach your goals.

Once you’ve connected with one of our hotel lenders to discuss your potential buying opportunity, our team will work hard to compose the best funding options for your project. There are three main phases of our acquisition loan process that you can expect:

Pre-Approval & Proposal

Our hotel lending experts want to hear about your acquisition target. After reviewing the details with you, your loan officer will send you a loan application. Once your application is submitted, a pre-approval decision will be reached within one to two business days. As a part of our due diligence, we will review your cash flow and credit history. If pre-approved, the lender will then issue a proposal letter which includes the rate, terms and collateral requirements of your loan request.


Signing and returning your proposal letter starts the underwriting phase of your loan request. Your underwriter will work with our credit team to reach a final loan approval. Each acquisition deal is unique, so our team takes the time to evaluate the details of every project. We know what to look for in hotel acquisitions, which allows us to streamline the process to an average of one to two weeks. You will receive a final commitment letter once final approval is reached.


You’re almost there! This last phase begins when you sign and return your commitment letter. At this point, a hotel loan closing specialist will be assigned to your loan. This person aims to have your loan closed within 45-90 days, depending on if there is real estate involved. Our team will carry your loan request all the way to finish line and strive to accommodate your desired timelines.

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Our team finances all kinds of hotel projects across the United States. We like to share those experiences in hopes that they will help you avoid costly missteps and be better prepared for financing.

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