One way to improve your agency’s cash flow is to refinance insurance agency debt. By paying less interest or refinancing into a longer term on your existing business loan, you’ll have more money available to support your agency, your employees and your family. Our loans are designed to help you, not stunt your growth potential with an unrealistic payment plan. In just 24 hours, we can tell if your cash flow would improve with a refinance loan. Don’t let your insurance agency debt stifle your business’ success.

This is what you can expect when you connect with a loan specialist:

Pre-Qualify & Proposal

Gather your promissory note or loan terms (loan balance, interest rate, maturity date) and give us a call. We need 24 hours to evaluate your existing debt. Then, we’ll let you know if a refinance loan would save your agency money and increase your cash flow. Following the pre-approval notice, you’ll receive a proposal including rates, terms and any collateral requirements.

Underwriting & Closing

The underwriting process typically takes two weeks once we receive your signed proposal. Upon approval, you’ll receive a commitment letter and your refinance loan will be assigned to a closing specialist. On average, it takes 45 days to have cash in your hands. We will work with you to complete the process as quickly and smoothly as possible.


With Live Oak, you can expect service unlike any other bank. Once your refinance loan closes, you’ll be introduced to your dedicated business analyst. He or she will work with you to answer your loan questions, perform a quarterly financial analysis and make recommendations to improve your agency’s financials. We work with you throughout the life of your loan.

Live Oak Bank Refinance Calculator

Use our refinance calculator for a quick snapshot of the savings you may achieve for your business.

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*Balloon Payment Risk: Loan structures in which the loan term and the amortization schedule for the loan payments do not match result in balloon payments (or balances) due upon maturity. Loans with balloon payments due at maturity present uncertainty and risks due to the fact that they either require refinancing to be in place at maturity (subject to stability of financing market) or large cash principal payments. All SBA loans with Live Oak Bank are permanent loans with matching loan terms and amortization schedules fully amortizing the balance over the life of the loan.

**Applicable interest rate will vary based upon full credit review and cash flow analysis.

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