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As an internet service provider (ISP), you’ve established a successful business based on competitive price and high performance. Customers continually demand shorter installation times, faster connectivity, top-notch security and consistent service, and you may need financing to help you meet those demands. At Live Oak Bank, we understand that and offer a lending team that only focuses on internet service providers like you day in and day out. We offer long-term financing for capital improvements, expansions and acquisitions and are here to help you achieve your goals.

Loan Solutions


Millions of Americans still do not have broadband access or only have access to one provider in their area. This creates an opportunity for your ISP business to grow your customer base and expand your network. Whether you want to add towers or antennas, lay more fiber or enhance technology, Live Oak has competitive financing options for expanding your ISP business.


As an ISP, you’re committed to helping areas that are underserved by traditional cable and satellite providers by offering dependable internet access and connectivity. You may be ready to purchase another ISP business to achieve greater reach to grow your own business. Live Oak’s team of internet service provider lending experts are here to guide you through the process of purchasing another ISP. We understand the nuances of this business and have financing options to meet your needs.

Working Capital

Are you looking to achieve better monthly cash flow? Maybe you need financing to enhance your current infrastructure or add to it. Have you considered refinancing your existing business debt? Live Oak’s lending team can analyze your financial situation and determine if a working capital or refinance loan could be good options for you.

Why Live Oak


Running a fast, reliable ISP business requires skill, focus and expertise. Our internet service provider lending team has vast knowledge of ISPs because they work with businesses across the country on a daily basis. This allows us to truly understand your industry. This deep insight into the operations and financials of your business translates to an efficient loan process for you. Our knowledge of your industry allows us to offer a simpler, faster way to get you the money you need to help achieve your goals.


You’ve gained trust from your customers through talent and performance. Live Oak strives to gain your confidence as your trusted partner for financing. We value each and every one of our customers and will really get to know you as a business owner so we can provide meaningful financial feedback and advice along the way.


As an internet service provider, you focus on providing consistent, high-quality service to your customers. Live Oak shares your drive for best-in-class service and strives to offer customer service above and beyond what most banks and lending institutions offer. We understand that relationships are built over time. Our team will treat you like you are our only customer with responsiveness, helpful information and transparency so you know where you are in the process every step of the way.


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