An internship at Live Oak Bank will equip you with skills, confidence and practical experiences to help jumpstart your professional life. As an intern, you get to work alongside our team of ground breakers, innovators and digital enthusiasts where you get an inside view of the #1 Best Bank to Work For (The American Banker 2014-2017). During your time as an intern, you will work on real world projects, collaborate with teammates and business leaders, and sharpen your professional skills. Learn more about Live Oak Bank internships and join us in our quest to push the limits of the banking industry.

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What Our Students Are Saying

“My internship experience at Live Oak Bank offered me a broader perspective on not only my field, but the industry as a whole. As a Human Resources intern, I was exposed to all parts of the department which enabled me to apply my knowledge from university to the real world. Not only did I learn more about my field, I learned about what type of company I want to work for: one that respects their employees, offers growth opportunity, and offers a positive work environment. Now I am a full time employee with the Bank and loving every minute of it!”

Morgan Hajnos
Intern 2018
Recruiting Specialist 2018 — Present

I have had an excellent career experience with Live Oak Bank where I currently work as an Underwriter/Associate Director with the Government Contracting Group in Washington D.C. Starting as a Production Intern in January of 2016, I have used every opportunity to learn more about Live Oak and how it functions. I quickly realized how far hard work goes during my internship and made it my goal to go beyond my tasks as assigned. This gave me the opportunity to assist other teams with their daily tasks – including the newly formed Government Contracting vertical. Few internships present students with the level of opportunity that Live Oak has to offer for those that are willing to put in the effort. The Live Oak internship allowed me to build valuable skills in finance and banking that have helped me tremendously. I was hired full-time after graduation in May 2017 where I was able to bring over a year of Live Oak experience from the internship program. Since then, I have relocated to the Washington D.C. area where I am able to meet borrowers and travel the country. The Live Oak internship program gave me the chance to prove my value to a company with unparalleled business practices and best-in-class corporate culture.”

Jake Lynch
Intern 2016-2017
Underwriter 2017- present

“Taking an internship opportunity at Live Oak Bank was the best decision I made in my senior year of college to position myself to be ready for full-time employment straight out of school. During my time as an intern, I was able to work in Deposits for one semester and then shift to the Business Advisory Group for a semester. Having the chance to gain exposure in different areas of the bank helped me determine where my interests and skill sets aligned. I was a Marketing major, and although I interned for other departments at the bank, I was given projects related to my business concentration that coordinated well with the classes I was taking. Live Oak Bank’s internship program truly places an emphasis on providing you with the opportunity to find personal growth while being an asset to the team. It was an extremely valuable experience as everyone is a pleasure to work with, the managers will work with your class schedule, and you are immersed in an exciting, innovative environment.”

Ginny Walker
Intern 2016-2017
Associate Relationship Manager- 2017-present

“The internship program at Live Oak Bank was a career-defining experience for me. On day one, I realized the Company was committed to my success, which made accepting a full-time position an effortless decision. As a Credit Analyst Intern, I was presented with a new challenge every day. To me, the most valuable part of my internship was that I was empowered to be innovative and to collaborate with individuals across the entire organization. This level of autonomy and trust played an instrumental role in my personal and professional development, and watching my ideas become implemented proved that my input was valued and that I was truly making a difference within the organization. An internship at Live Oak Bank is all about learning and growth – the doors are always open, and all ideas are heard.”

Corbin Penland
Intern 2017
Credit Analyst 2017- present

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