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We provide investment advisory financing solutions to help you position your firm for success now and into the future. You might think the lowest interest rate is what you should look for in a loan, but a low rate doesn’t always mean the best funding option for your investment advisory firm.

Your loan term actually has a more significant impact on your business’ cash flow than your rate does. With a longer term, you can enjoy a lower monthly payment and will ultimately have more cash on hand to run a healthy firm and grow your book of business. Live Oak can offer a customized investment advisor loan package with favorable terms so your firm will be ready to seize opportunities.

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Loan Solutions

  • Acquisition

    120,000 advisors plan to retire within ten years, providing you an opportunity to acquire books of business. Preapproval for financing helps you compete with other buyers and appeal to sellers.

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  • Succession

    You’ve worked hard to build your business Let’s work together on a strategy to help you make the right investments in your firm to ensure a profitable and successful transition.

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  • Transition

    Many advisors are considering a move to independence. If uncertainty or lack of capital is holding you back, we can provide the resources you need to make your move confidently.

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This guide will walk you through the life cycle of a succession and provide information, tips, and tools to help you navigate the process.

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Knowledge Bank

Over 1,000 investment advisors already use our Knowledge Bank. Access free resources from our Acquisition Guide and Workbook to our Cashflow Calculator.

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Why Live Oak



At Live Oak Bank, we are the pioneer of bank financing to investment advisors and have lent over $600 million to advisors since 2013. We are the top lender in the industry because we understand that a book of business isn’t something you can hold in your hand, but rather a business asset that has immense value. Our award-winning team has made significant contributions to the financial advice industry, such as our You Can Own It program to empower female advisors, our workshop series to educate advisors on financing and growth and our Knowledge Bank with free advisor resources. Working with a financing leader dedicated to your specific industry has countless benefits to you as a customer.



You have the long-term interests of your clients at heart. That’s how you won their trust and loyalty and built a successful practice. At Live Oak Bank, we take the same approach with you as our customer. At our core, we believe in treating each customer like they are our only customer by continuing to provide you with personalized support and service long after your loan closes. After closing, you will be assigned a dedicated contact at Live Oak Bank who is always standing by to answer your loan questions and offer you peer-to-peer benchmarks and sound financial advice.


Superior Products

Our loans support your business’ goals and leave you with the cash flow you need to continue running a healthy firm. Our flexible loan structures and 10-year terms will lower your monthly loan payments, which will ultimately increase the amount of cash available for you to take advantage of future business opportunities. We can also lend up to the business valuation amount on expansions, which often leads to a discounted purchase price--and you can even pay your loan off early without penalty. Other banks are concerned with simply making another loan. Our priority is to see you succeed in reaching your goals, and we do that by offering superior loan products that are customizable to your business’ specific needs.

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