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Credit Factors

This one-page document is a great overview of what makes a good loan candidate.


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“Access to bank financing is still a fairly new development in the Investment Advisory industry. Knowledge Bank enables advisors to learn how financing can help them achieve their strategies; whether that be a working capital for new technology or marketing initiatives, succession planning, growth via acquisition and/or recruiting, purchasing commercial real estate, and more. It has been very well received in the industry and has proven to be a useful tool for many RIA’s.”

– Jason Carroll,
Managing Director of Investment Advisor Financing at Live Oak Bank

“Knowledge Bank is not only a great resource for advisors to learn more about Live Oak Bank’s loan programs, it also allows us to share invaluable knowledge we have gained regarding trends in the industry and ways to execute successful acquisition, succession and other transitions. Advisors have found Knowledge Bank to be a great resource and how found it encouraging that there are so many ways Live Oak Bank can help them grow their firm through financing.”

– Maggie Wilson,
Loan Officer of Investment Advisor Financing at Live Oak Bank