Helping You Grow

With Live Oak Bank, you get a long-term financial partner that believes in you and your firm. We know you can grow and we want to help.

Our Investment Advisory lending team has deep industry experience and expertise—we understand your business. That’s how Live Oak built a $200 million and growing portfolio of loans, just to financial advisors.

Our unique focus and approach offers advisors:

  • Certainty: We don’t “shop” your loan to the highest bidder. We talk straight and give you the final answer, and we service the loan ourselves. We are the bank.
  • Industry Experience: A lending partner with consultative insights, not only around your financing, but also on data-driven practice perspectives to help you enhance firm value.
 Live Oak aligns advisor strategies with capital.
  • Technology & Speed: A transparent loan process facilitated by our innovative online platform—optimizing speed and ease of closing, and minimizing paperwork. 
You can look up the status of your loan online, any time.