Practical, Innovative Business Education

At Live Oak Bank, we know success isn’t just a destination—it’s a journey. A key part of getting there is education. The mission of the Live Oak Bank Learning Lab is to promote practical, innovative business education for tomorrow’s business owners. By demystifying business, building strong entrepreneurial skills, and making finance fun, we are helping future owners learn how to thrive within their industry!

Currently, we are serving the Veterinary and Pharmacy Industries. During the summer we host industry-specific programs for students to learn more about the business side of being a veterinarian or pharmacist. These programs are a unique, hands-on learning experience with real-life application for the students selected to participate.

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About the Educator

Dr. Jessica Trichel combines her veterinary training with a passion for business education to lead Live Oak Bank’s educational outreach program. She aims to educate students and industry professionals about the realities of financing and business ownership. She is equipped with a wealth of information from Live Oak Bank’s industry-specific loan portfolios and team member expertise. Dr. Trichel presents nationwide on a variety of topics related to small business ownership, with the goal of empowering the next generation on how to live out the American dream of owning their own businesses.


Summer Program Highlights

  • Industry-specific short course focused on business
  • Management insights from industry experts
  • Foundation in basic finance
  • Approaches to future ownership
  • Strategies for marketing
  • Networking with colleagues and industry professionals

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