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[title size=”2″]Our Story[/title]

Live Oak Bank was founded in 2008 with one goal: provide business loans to independent businesspeople in niche industries. Today, Live Oak is one of the largest originators of small business loans with one of the strongest loan portfolios in the country. We have extensive experience lending to selected niche small businesses as a preferred Small Business Association (SBA) lender.


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[title size=”2″]We Offer More Than Just Loans[/title]

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[title size=”1 to 6″]Lending Overview[/title]

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In the application phase, a lending team member will work directly with you to gather all information needed to pre-qualify you for your loan request. We strive to simplify the loan process, make it easy for you to provide information, and keep you informed along the way. Technology allows us to give you real-time updates on loan status and offer direct interaction with your loan
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[content_box title=”Review” icon=”magic” image=”” ]Here you will submit financial documents necessary for your loan approval. You will work directly with the Underwriter assigned to your loan. The Underwriter will gather your financial documents and learn your story, advocate for you and assist you throughout the review process. Specific questions regarding paperwork can be addressed directly to your Underwriter. When your loan is approved, you will receive a commitment letter with the terms and conditions of the loan. Once you provide your signature, you will move into the final phase of the loan process.[/content_box]

[content_box title=”Closing” icon=”thumbs-up” image=””]Closing is the final phase of your loan. A loan closing specialist, or closer, will contact you to schedule a kick-off call. Your closer will then review all documents needed to complete the loan. Documents can be submitted as completed. Your closing team will also assist in reviewing document drafts prior to signing to ensure all necessary information is included. We’ve automated this process to ensure efficiency and clear communication throughout the funding of the loan. Real-time, automated checklists are provided to illustrate your loan progress.[/content_box]


[title size=”2″]Meet Our Leadership Team[/title]

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[one_half last=”no”]Live Oak Bank executives are industry leaders in finance and technology, bringing innovation and efficiency to the lending process.  The team brings decades of experience in the financial services industry, setting a standard of excellence and service embraced by all Live Oak employees.[/one_half]
[one_half last=”yes”]Chief Executive Officer Chip Mahan, the key founder of Live Oak, was noted as one of the 10 Most Influential People in Financial Services by FutureBanker magazine, and was recently featured in American Banker as an industry innovator. Together, Live Oak leadership continues to drive a company and brand that is associated with trust, expertise across our industries, and the highest level of customer service.[/one_half]

[title size=”2″]Recent News[/title]

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