5 Must Read Books to Inspire Effective Leadership in 2016

Last year after completing the Keirsey Temperament Sorter, I could not help but laugh when it described me by saying my type “will read almost anything.” True to form I have been devouring books over the last few months. I … read more

live oak u

The Live Oak U 2014 Year in Review

Well it is that time of year to pull dust off all the traditions, the sweaters, the decorations, and of course a blog post recapping the year. As ever so cliché as it may seem, it is always a good … read more

personal branding

Personal Branding

While they may have covered fire branding and freeze branding during vet school, personal branding was probably nowhere to be found on the syllabus. However, personal branding plays more of an active role in your daily routine than any of … read more

live oak externship

Live Oak Bank Summer Veterinary Student Externship Program

Hard to believe summer is officially over. School is back in full swing, and the leaves are already starting to change. However, the memories, connections, and lessons from the Live Oak Bank Summer Veterinary Student Externship Program continue to pay … read more

live oak u

The Next Generation: Not just for Trekkies

The workplace has become an interesting melting pot with 4 generations in the workforce at one time.  The Traditionalists, the Boomers, the X’ers, and the Millennials, all with different sets of values trying to work together. As with any young … read more

western veterinary conference

WVC Wrap Up 2014

What happened in Vegas? Walking away from WVC this week one of the biggest lessons I learned was not necessarily in a lecture hall or thankfully not on the casino floor.  Taking a look down The Strip, I began wondering … read more

NAVC Icebreaker

NAVC 2014 Recap

[flexslider layout=”posts, posts-with-excerpt, attachments” excerpt=”25″ category=”” limit=”4″ id=”” lightbox=”no”][/flexslider] Years ago “Marketing Outside the Box” may not have been a topic veterinary students from all over the country and even the world would commit a weekend outside of school to … read more