Middle market business buyers are faced with many considerations when they are preparing to buy a business. You’ve researched available companies or worked with a broker or intermediary to do so, have completed your due diligence and are ready to secure financing. Wouldn’t it be nice to also work with a lender with a long track record of successful merger and acquisition (M&A) financing?

Live Oak Bank specializes in making merger and acquisition loans across all industries nationwide. Our dedicated M&A lending team has extensive SBA expertise and offers speed to market and certainty at closure. Whether you are a broker, intermediary, search fund or individual, our team will help you understand the process of acquiring a business with financing that meets your needs.

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I Am Selling My Business

Are you planning to retire soon or developing an exit plan to sell your business? Live Oak Bank specializes in making SBA M&A loans and offers flexible financing options that are designed to work for an expanded pool of potential buyers. Whether you are selling to a third party or want to structure a sale to your key employees, Live Oak can tailor a loan package that can provide great loan terms to the buyer to make it an attractive option for them—which ultimately helps you sell your business more easily.

I Am A Buy/Sell Professional

Live Oak will partner with you to help your clients navigate the complex M&A process. We work with buy/sell professionals including business brokers, attorneys and CPAs and offer a process that is streamlined and transparent. Working with Live Oak, you’ll have access to expert SBA M&A lenders that have successfully funded SBA merger and acquisition loans for decades. You can have confidence in our deep industry knowledge and national lending footprint.

I Want To Acquire A Business

If you are an existing business owner, you might find that a business acquisition is a great way for you to grow professionally. It’s often easier to buy an existing business than build from the ground-up. Likewise, entrepreneurs have found the search fund model to be ideal for purchasing existing businesses. This model taught in many business schools guides individuals through the process of exploring business acquisition targets and comparing to their desired criteria for ownership. Live Oak has successfully financed many searchers, including traditional, self-funded and single sponsor search funds. Whether you are a business owner, individual or group, Live Oak will work with you to finance these transactions.

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Business owners across the country have confidently chosen Live Oak Bank to finance their business acquisitions.

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Webinar: SBA SOP Rule Changes Impacting Acquisition Financing

Learn about important SBA SOP changes and how they affect deal structure for acquisitions.

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