Owning and operating a pharmacy is very rewarding; independent pharmacies are the backbones of many communities across the country. The pharmacy lending experts at Live Oak Bank are ready to help you down the path to acquiring a pharmacy.

It’s important to look at a pharmacy acquisition from two perspectives: financing and operations. The pharmacy lending experts at Live Oak will look at your historical cash flow, personal credit history and managerial competence. The past performance of the pharmacy you’re looking to acquire is the greatest indicator of the pharmacy’s future performance. Given that, one of the first things you should analyze when considering a pharmacy acquisition is the ongoing cash flow of the business in question. How much cash did the pharmacy generate last year, and how much is it making today? Our pharmacy lending team is ready to act as your trusted advisor and walk you through these considerations and more as you begin the process to acquire an independent pharmacy.

Live Oak offers financing for the acquisition of the business assets as well as the real estate. Our customers enjoy minimal equity requirements and creative lending solutions, and our pharmacy lending team is ready to provide you with superior service and advice and set you up for business success.

There are no upfront costs or fees associated with our pre-approval and underwriting processes. These are the three main steps you can expect when you connect with a loan specialist to get your pharmacy acquisition loan started.


Our pharmacy lending experts will talk with you in detail about your acquisition plans, then send you an email containing loan application forms. Once your completed application is received, you can expect it to take 24-48 business hours to determine if you are pre-approved on your loan request. During that time, we will be conducting due diligence on our end, including running a preliminary cash flow and credit analysis. If pre-approved, the loan officer will then issue a proposal letter to you with information on rates, terms and all collateral requirements.


Once the proposal is signed and returned, your underwriter will work alongside a credit officer to obtain final approval for your loan. We know that all acquisition deals are unique, so although technology streamlines our process, we do not rely on software or algorithms to make credit decisions. Each loan approval request is reviewed and decided on by our team of financing experts. On average, underwriting takes one to two weeks, and if approved, you will receive a commitment letter outlining the details of your approval.


Once you have returned the signed commitment letter, your loan will be assigned to a pharmacy loan closing specialist. Closing takes approximately 45-90 days, depending on whether or not real estate is involved in the acquisition. Our dedicated lending team works solely on pharmacy loans every day, so they understand the intricacies of your business and will work closely with you to accommodate your acquisition timelines and goals.

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