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funeral business check-up

Your Mid-Year Funeral Business Check-Up

As summer schedules disrupt normal routines, it is a good time to schedule your mid-year funeral business check-up. Just as you regularly assess your physical health, you need to assess the health of your business. Set aside time this month … read more

non-family succession

Outside Job: How to Plan for Non-Family Succession

“Outside Job: How to Plan for Non-Family Succession” by Peter van Aartrijk originally appeared on and is reprinted here with permission. Jim Garner, 63, says the sale of his agency will close in January—13 years after he started planning. … read more


Pharmacy Podcast Presents: TelePharm Empowering Pharmacy

Many pharmacists are interested in telepharmacy, but have questions about structure and functionality. Join Greg Janes, Chief Marketing Officer of TelePharm, as he shares the vision of telemedicine delivered by community pharmacies, empowered by TelePharm’s advanced technology. Greg will answer … read more

Funeral Operation’s Fiscal Health

Understand the Numbers that Affect Your Funeral Operation’s Fiscal Health

Understand the numbers that affect your operation’s fiscal health Written by ICCFA Recap of “Vital Signs: Is Your Funeral Business Healthy?” presented by Tim Bridgers Debt service coverage explains how much money you have to cover every dollar of debt. … read more

Vet Practice Ownership Is Possible Despite Student Loan Debt

How Vet Practice Ownership is Possible Despite Student Loan Debt

Vet Practice Ownership is Possible Despite Student Loan Debt By: Carol Hart, JD, DVM Originally printed in Veterinary Team Brief.   Looking to Buy However, a veterinarian’s high student debt load is not necessarily an impediment to practice ownership. Ownership … read more

Veterinary Practice Renovation

Free Webinar: Veterinary Practice Renovation vs. New Construction

Build New or Renovate: What’s Best for Your Veterinary Practice? Date: Wednesday, August 31 Time: 5:30 PM EST Register here Presented by: Will Frazier with Live Oak Bank and Mark Moore and Melanie Friedman with FMD Architects     Is … read more

ask your trustee

6 Questions You Need to Ask Your Trustee

With so many banks and trust companies out there willing to accept your funeral and cemetery trust funds, it may be difficult for you to determine which of these financial institutions have the experience and expertise to administer your accounts … read more

Live Oak Bank: lending a helping hand  to independent community pharmacies

Bank On It: Lending a Helping Hand to Independent Community Pharmacies

Download PDF here by Josef Aukee In the past six years, Live Oak Bank has helped community pharmacists start, build, or expand their businesses with more than 600 loans totaling $650 million. Meanwhile, the industry  evolved, health care  plans  and … read more

veterinary financing

How to Qualify for Veterinary Financing on Your Own

We often talk to women veterinarians who are unsure if they will be able to qualify for financing, especially without a co-signer or partner in the deal. With little money to put down and often high student debt, practice ownership … read more

brewery business

Claiming Your Brewery Business on Untappd

You invest tremendous time and energy in producing craft beers that display your personal creativity and that appeal to the tastes of your customers. But how do you ever truly know what customers think about your brews? Connecting with your … read more