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Turkey Farmers

Turkey Farmers Make Community Impact in Utah

The towns of Circleville and Angle, Utah have experienced low economic growth over the past couple of years. Due to minimal job opportunities in their towns, workers travel hours for work in the oil and construction industries. Today, the agriculture … read more

1031 Exchange

The Fast Facts You Need To Know About The 1031 Exchange

Many commercial property owners are interested to learn of tax advantages that can defer income tax on the sale of property. Intro the 1031 exchange. Code Section 1031 allows an investor to sell a property, reinvest the proceeds into a … read more

cremation equipment

5 Important Considerations for Adding Cremation Equipment

Many funeral homes are expected to update their facilities and add new cremation equipment this year. Funeral home walls, carpets and furniture receive wear and tear over the years, and a fresh, updated look can attract new families and business. … read more

Conejo Valley Veterinary Hospital

Conejo Valley Veterinary Hospital Goes All In With Cam Newton

Dr. Hughes, owner of Conejo Valley Veterinary Hospital and Live Oak Bank client, was recently featured on Nickelodeon’s All In With Cam Newton. On All In With Cam Newton, Carolina Panther’s Quarterback, Cam Newton, helps kids experience their future goals. … read more

Inside Self-Storage

Live Oak Bank Wins Inside Self-Storage’s 2016 Best of Finance Award

Live Oak Bank’s Self-Storage team was named a 2016 Industry Awards winner in the finance category for Inside Self-Storage’s Annual Best of Business Awards. The industry awards honor self-storage professionals and businesses in over 30 categories. Established in March 2015, … read more

funeral business check-up

Your Mid-Year Funeral Business Check-Up

As summer schedules disrupt normal routines, it is a good time to schedule your mid-year funeral business check-up. Just as you regularly assess your physical health, you need to assess the health of your business. Set aside time this month … read more

non-family succession

Outside Job: How to Plan for Non-Family Succession

“Outside Job: How to Plan for Non-Family Succession” by Peter van Aartrijk originally appeared on and is reprinted here with permission. Jim Garner, 63, says the sale of his agency will close in January—13 years after he started planning. … read more


Pharmacy Podcast Presents: TelePharm Empowering Pharmacy

Many pharmacists are interested in telepharmacy, but have questions about structure and functionality. Join Greg Janes, Chief Marketing Officer of TelePharm, as he shares the vision of telemedicine delivered by community pharmacies, empowered by TelePharm’s advanced technology. Greg will answer … read more

Funeral Operation’s Fiscal Health

Understand the Numbers that Affect Your Funeral Operation’s Fiscal Health

Understand the numbers that affect your operation’s fiscal health Written by ICCFA Recap of “Vital Signs: Is Your Funeral Business Healthy?” presented by Tim Bridgers Debt service coverage explains how much money you have to cover every dollar of debt. … read more

Vet Practice Ownership Is Possible Despite Student Loan Debt

How Vet Practice Ownership is Possible Despite Student Loan Debt

Vet Practice Ownership is Possible Despite Student Loan Debt By: Carol Hart, JD, DVM Originally printed in Veterinary Team Brief.   Looking to Buy However, a veterinarian’s high student debt load is not necessarily an impediment to practice ownership. Ownership … read more