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self-storage security

Self-Storage Security: 5 Ways to Keep Your Facility Safe

Gone are the days when a chain and a padlock were all it took to keep self-storage criminals at bay. Unfortunately, break-ins and thefts do occur. Failure to provide quality, on-site security for your tenants can set your company up … read more

owning commercial property

Pharmacy Financing: The Advantages of Owning Commercial Property

Most pharmacy owners must eventually confront the issue of whether to purchase or lease their buildings. There are many factors to consider in making this important decision. For new pharmacists who are uncertain of future space needs, and who want … read more

vet practice financing

Buying a Practice? 3 Ways to Prepare for Vet Practice Financing

From selecting the right practice to securing financing, acquiring a vet practice requires planning and patience, but becoming an owner is one of the best ways to maximize your degree and build net worth. Here are a few tips from … read more

update your bowling center

Top 5 Ways to Update Your Bowling Center This Summer

Project planning has become a year-round proposition for bowling centers across the U.S. As the industry continues to enjoy better revenue streams, many customers are in a prime position to take on remodeling projects that will further enhance their operations, … read more

insurance refinancing

Insurance Refinancing 101: How to Refinance Your Existing Debt

Insurance Refinancing 101 The goal of any independent insurance agency is to grow and build long-term wealth. To get to a place where an agency can fund growth initiatives and make money, owners often obtain capital via specialty loans, use … read more

ben jones

International Bowling Industry Magazine Presents: Ben Jones the Serial Entrepreneur

Download PDF here via International Bowling Industry Magazine Ben Jones is a serial entrepreneur with a record of success in the hospitality and family entertainment industries. An avid athlete and adventurer as well, in his early days he played hockey … read more

funeral home acquisition

5 Things a Lender Likes in a Funeral Home Acquisition Deal

If you are considering acquiring a funeral home, there are a few key components you should look for in the business. In addition to your personal credit, the lender will be interested in these five elements when examining the loan … read more

medical blog

The Six Best Topics for Your Medical Blog

The Six Best Topics for Your Medical Blog is a guest post from Proclaim Interactive written by Dawn Wilson on 5/15/2016. The original article can be found here. Dawn’s bio can be found at the bottom of the page. It’s … read more

self-storage technology

Self-Storage Technology Trends

Both technology and self-storage are thriving industries, so it is no surprise that tech is changing how we store and access our valuables. Technology not only makes accessing storage easier, but also increases security and peace of mind. From digital … read more

pharmacy business

The Key Performance Indicators of Pharmacy Business

Hear Ollin Sykes with Sykes & Company – Pharmacy Accounting Experts and Jimmy Neil with Live Oak Bank discuss the Key Performance Indicators of Pharmacy Businesses. They will answer questions such as: How does my pharmacy business compare with my … read more