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buying an agency

Webinar Replay: Tax Implications of Buying & Selling an Insurance Agency

Tune in as Jon Persky of Optimum Performance Solutions and Live Oak Bank discuss tax implications in agency transitions. Get the tools and advice you’ll need to be proactive in the process as you start, buy, sell or perpetuate your … read more

succession financing

Seed Succession Financing

Seed Succession Financing Reprinted with permission by Bob Veres and featured in the March 2016 issue of Inside Information. Download the Seed Succession Financing PDF here. Seed Succession Financing Posted in Practice Management Tuesday, March 1. 2016 Live Oak Bank is … read more

Insurance Agency Webinar

Free Webinar: How to Buy an Insurance Agency

Free Webinar Replay Thinking of purchasing an insurance agency? Watch the webinar live as Chris McAtee of Agency Brokerage Consultant he discusses transaction details, things to consider and resources to help along the way.  

insurance agency acquisition

Insurance Agency Acquisition Terms from A to Z

Agency acquisitions can be complicated transactions. There are many components to the deal often overlooked or forgotten by buyers and sellers. From A to Z, here are some typical terms defined that you may encounter when considering an acquisition. Understanding … read more

veterinary practice

Is it Time to Build Your Dream Veterinary Practice?

At Live Oak Bank, we are fortunate to work with veterinarians across the country who are looking to grow or expand their businesses. If you’re looking for the next steps for your veterinary practice, building a new facility is one … read more

poultry growers webinar

Free Webinar: Budgeting Best Practices for Poultry Growers

Webinar Alert: Calling All Poultry Growers Join Live Oak Bank and QuickBooks Specialist Stephanie Dickert, as they explain the best practices in budgeting for your poultry business. Specializing in the Agriculture space allows Live Oak to offer unique insight into the … read more

pharmacy financial

Independent Pharmacy Financial Woes Demand Innovation

Financial Woes Demand Innovation: Add Patient Services to Drive New Revenue via America’s Pharmacist Challenges to the independent pharmacy community are fast and furious and 2016 appears to be no different than past years in terms of change and opportunity. … read more

Insurance Professionals

Free Guide to Finance for Insurance Professionals

A GUIDE TO FINANCE FOR INSURANCE PROFESSIONALS Every business needs capital. It’s your stake in that big lifelong game called Success. Your capital empowers you to do a lot more than keep the lights (and computers) on: it’s the foundation … read more

amusement expo

FEC Launches eLending Initiative in Time for Amusement Expo

WILMINGTON, N.C., Mar. 11, 2016 — Live Oak Bancshares (“Live Oak”) announced that it has officially launched its eLending initiative. This initiative offers expedited loans from $75k to $350k that are perfect for the purchase of games and equipment in an industry that … read more

financial documents

Breaux Talk – How to Organize Your Financial Documents

One question we are often asked is, “How long does the loan process take?” The answer often depends on the motivation of the borrower and whether or not he or she can provide the necessary documents in a timely manner. … read more