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As the owner of a senior care community, your ultimate goal is to provide your residents with the best care possible. That’s why we’ve carefully crafted a financing process that is efficient, seamless and transparent–because our ultimate goal is to deliver loan solutions that allow you to focus on your business.

With over fifteen years of experience working exclusively with senior care community owners like you, our lenders understand your business’s needs and what it takes for you to succeed. Whether you’re looking to build a memory care center or acquire an assisted living facility, Live Oak offers a variety of senior care community loans for owners who wish to build from ground up as well as purchase, expand or renovate an existing community. We also provide loans for community conversions, FF&E upgrades and debt refinance.

Our loan solutions include construction and acquisition. Building a senior care community that fits your residents’ needs as well as your own is key. Outfitting your community with a custom design that is fit for today’s market and the future will allow you to stand out from the competition and provide your residents with up-to-date technology and services that will improve the quality of their lives. In addition, acquiring an existing senior care community eliminates the need for intensive hiring and training of staff so you can focus on adding immediate value to the facility through marketing, operations and making physical improvements. You will also obtain a roster of clients and caregivers along with procedures, systems and software which can be used to help scale your business.

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We relied on the Live Oak team to creatively structure a solution to address our short-term and long-term needs."

- Craig Thomas, Co-owner, Fountains in Cartersville

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Senior Care Financing Options for Owners & Operators

Join Live Oak Bank’s Industry Expert, Adam Sherman and Shep Harris, Vice President-Senior Care Lending, as they discuss financing options for the senior care industry and more.

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Your senior community should be fully equipped with the latest technology, an experienced staff and amenities that provide seniors the comfort and aid they need. Our team’s 15 years of expertise in the senior care industry means we can help you deliver on these necessities. We not only know what types of loan packages work, but we can also guide you in making the best decisions for your business.



Our team is committed to delivering a superior customer service experience and a financing process that is efficient, seamless and transparent--so you can continue to focus on your business. While you are managing your staff and developing your business, our lending team is here to answer your questions and provide advice on how to best serve your staff and community. We serve our customers unlike any other bank or financing institution.



Our relationship with you will not end when your loan closes. Our team is always available to track your progress and provide feedback on a wide range of topics--like how to market your business or how to provide the best in quality housing and healthcare--to support your facility's growth. We will work alongside you and provide sound guidance and advice throughout the life of your loan to ensure your business is set up for success.

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