Buy, Sell or Grow Your Service Contractor Business

Service Contractor's Guide to Finance

We know you want to be a financially successful HVAC, plumbing or electrical contracting business owner. To do that, you need financing to buy or sell a business, expand your business, purchase equipment and more. Understanding what financing sources are available to help you grow your service contractor business is step one to reaching your goals.

Access to capital can be difficult for small businesses, for new businesses, and particularly for a service business like service contractors, whose assets are primarily intangible. Knowing the options available to you as a business owner is not only important if you are an existing owner looking to expand your business, but also if you are approaching retirement.

We’ve broken down the ways to finance your business in our Service Contractor’s Guide to Finance. The guide outlines various forms of financing available to you for expanding a business, acquiring a business, modernizing a business, recruiting, buying or building real estate for your business, and other needs. The options are presented to you to help you digest the terminology and products available to you.

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