Sunshine at the End of the Loan Tunnel

At Live Oak Bank, we’re excited to be part of the renewable energy movement, and we want to help you grow your business. Because our renewable energy lending team focuses exclusively on utility-scale solar project financing nationwide, we offer project developers and their tax equity partners a first-class lending experience.

The following details will help us expedite your loan process:

  • Size of system in MW (ac)
  • Power purchase agreement off-taker, term and price per kW hour
  • Estimated total project cost
  • Requested loan amount

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Speed, Flexibility, Creativity, Responsiveness

Welcome to working with Live Oak Bank. Our experience collaborating with developers, their tax credit investors and professional team enables us to work with a variety of deal structures serving single to multi-site projects in locations in any state or U.S. territory. We know the program, the process and the players, making your solar project loan experience smooth and efficient.

Here are a few reasons working with us is a bright idea:

  • Flexible terms; longer than standard amortizations
  • Utility-scale projects from 1- 25MW and ability to work with multi-site bundles of any size
  • National lending footprint
  • Significant funding resources that grow with your needs

Our lending team is dedicated exclusively to the renewable energy industry, equipping you with years of knowledge backed with expertise in solar project financing. You won’t spend time teaching us the industry–we’ll be out front with you, closing your loan.

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Our Renewable Energy Team

  • Jordan Blanchard
    General Manager - Renewable Energy

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  • Rebecca Chilton
    Industry Expert - Renewable Energy

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  • Melissa O'Buch
    Loan Officer

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  • Max Vernier
    Loan Officer

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  • Debra Nesbitt

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  • Will Stranch

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  • Charles Roberts
    CPA, Underwriter

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    Relationship Manager

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