live oak bank customer spotlight

American Dream Nut Butter

American Dream Nut Butter is a quintessential small business success story. As always, Live Oak is privileged to invest in our customers so they can invest in their communities.

Customer Name: American Dream Nut Butter

Location: Noblesville, IN

Overview: Like countless other successful companies, American Dream Nut Butter started in the owner’s home. In 2015, Lea and Mark Hurley began cranking out homemade nut butter, which is gluten-free, low carb, low sugar, high protein and free of artificial sweeteners. The Hurleys strategically grew their operation and currently employ around 40 people from their Indiana community. Live Oak provided capital for the Hurleys to purchase commercial real estate, which will help them grow the business and create efficiencies around production. As an online retailer, the business thrived throughout COVID.

Wins: Lea and Mark make it a priority to pay it forward. 10% of all proceeds are used to send care packages to overseas U.S. troops. They consistently donate to other worthy causes in their community and across the country.

Learn more and shop their delicious products here.